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Klikaklu is Moving!

Earlier this year, Klikaklu’s server host announced they were shutting down, leaving us with a big choice: build and maintain our own servers, or discontinue Klikaklu. I’m happy to announce we've forged ahead and further invested in the service, and will soon be delivering a new and improved Klikaklu.

What does this mean for you? Please, read on.


A new version of the free Klikaklu app (formerly named Klikaklu Player, same app) will be available in the App store on Monday, October 10th. You must upgrade to this new version to continue using Klikaklu. To do so, we recommend you enable Automatic Downloads on your device (Settings->iTunes & App Stores->Updates), but you can also manually download it at that time by going to App Store->Updates.

Klikaklu’s servers will be unavailable from Saturday, October 8th at 11 PM Pacific Time, until Monday morning at 8 AM Pacific Time, as we make the transition to our new servers. Hunts run during this time will not work.

We will be discontinuing Klikaklu Creator. If you had previously purchased Klikaklu Creator, you must install the free Klikaklu app instead. Before you delete Klikaklu Creator, make a note of your username; to ensure you receive the credit we are offering loyal customers (see below), you must sign in to your existing account from within the free Klikaklu app.

Whether you are switching from Klikaklu Creator or upgrading Klikaklu Player, your account will remain intact, containing the existing hunts you’ve created or played.


We've been hard at work improving Klikaklu's overall quality and adding your frequently requested features:

  • Optional scoring, with a running scoreboard during the hunt. You can set different points per clue, dock points for hint usage and quiz failures, and even penalize or award your players on the fly during the hunt.
  • With or without scoring, you can observe the status of players as the hunt proceeds, using auto-update.
  • Image matching is significantly improved: it's more forgiving with angles and shadows, and matches more quickly.
  • Players, anonymous or otherwise, can now use custom names for each hunt they play.
  • Hunts can now be password protected.
  • You can now ‘close’ a hunt, which prevents new players from entering, and informs straggling players to ‘return to base’.
  • Players can now use the front facing camera and control the flash for free form clues.
  • All images captured in the app are now added to a Klikaklu album in your Photos library.

New Pricing

We’re switching from a one time app purchase to per-hunt and subscription purchases, with different categories of usage (personal, educational, nonprofit, and business). This is for hunt creation - as in the past, Klikaklu is free for players. Also: the creation of small noncommercial hunts with up to 2 players is now free.

If you are one of our loyal Premium and Creator customers, we appreciate your support! We are crediting your account with a two year subscription to create as many noncommercial hunts with up to 30 players as you wish. And hunts you’ve created in the past are grandfathered in with an unlimited number of players and clues.

We have created a FAQ for the transition and our new pricing. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

I am excited about this release, and confident this new approach will enable us to continue bringing you fun and useful tools.

Happy Hunting!

Ken Cooper