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Android Player Beta!

We're pleased to announce that the Android Player version of Klikaklu is available as a sneak peek beta on the Google Play Store.

To install it, navigate to this link on the Google Play store in a browser on your Android device and install it as you would any other Android app.

This version is for players only. You still need an iOS device to create hunts. If there's enough interest, we'll extend the app to include hunt creation as well.

Hunt links shared from iOS (by email or text message) should open the app when you navigate to them from Android, just as they would on iOS. You can also play hunts created publicly (Play a Hunt->Find a Nearby Hunt), or by scanning a QR code (Play a Hunt->Scan a QR Code). QR codes can be printed on a poster or displayed by the creator's device.

If you wish to use video in your hunts, you must update to the latest version of Klikaklu (2.0.8 as of this writing) on the iOS app store first. The previous video format generated by iOS was not compatible with Android. Also: existing hunts will need their videos replaced with new versions.

If you have any issues or suggestions, you can report them directly from within the app: open the side menu from the home screen, then tap Having a Problem->Report a Problem.