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Improved Clue Play Order

When players start at the same time on a hunt, they're tempted to watch what others do and simply follow along. Klikaklu has offered help for this in the past, but in our latest version we've have made strides to give you the tools to avoid the problem.

Staggered Clue Order

For some time, Klikaklu has offered the ability to stagger the clue order for each player. Using staggering, play looks like this:

This works fine for many cases. For those who locate their clues packed into the same general area though, just staggering the clues isn't enough. Players catch up with one another, and start following each other.

Shuffled Clue Order

To improve upon this, you can now shuffle hunt play order instead. Using shuffling, play looks like this:

Common Last Clue

Another common request is that players end up in the same place at the end. You can now specify that the last clue stays common if you stagger or shuffle your clues, yielding play like this:

Grouping Clues

For some hunts, simply shuffling or staggering clues can causes problems. Hunts like road rallys, for example, where you might want to place more than a single clue at a destination. Some players may end up having to return to a destination a second time in order to complete the hunt. This is a sure fire way to generate arguments if your players are the least bit competitive. Not fun, and that's what Klikaklu is about!

To solve this, you can group clues in Klikaklu, using our grouping editor.

Visualizing Play Order

Finally, in case you're having a hard time visualizing how your hunt will proceed, you can preview the path your players will take: