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Klikaklu Shutting Down

Over time, Klikaklu has sadly become a difficult service for one individual to manage. Maintaining three aging code bases, fighting off a patent troll, complying with COPPA... I've been questioning my sanity for some time. Now, with the imminent deadline for the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, I've finally made the hard decision.

To be clear, I wholeheartedly support the spirit of the GDPR, and it's great we’re seeing some counter to the creepy trend of unfettered asymmetric data gathering. I’ve always attempted to minimize this in Klikaklu, and would likely have been able to comply without significant technical change. But as a sole proprietor, I just don’t have the resources to analyze, implement and guarantee compliance, and the financial risk of noncompliance is too great.

The GDPR becomes enforceable May 25th, so I will be shutting the service down the evening of May 24th. All hunts and account data on the server will be destroyed at that time, and the app will stop functioning properly.

I am sorry for the short notice, and the impact it may have on your plans. It has been a difficult decision to make, and I’ve put it off too long. If you purchased an annual subscription, or a hunt you were planning to run after that date, please contact me and I'll arrange an appropriate refund for you.

It's been a pleasure supporting so many creative and interesting events these last several years. In particular, the wedding proposals. I loved the wedding proposals.

Best wishes,

Ken Cooper

P.S. Do you have an interesting early stage project that could use the help of a seasoned tech creative? I’ll soon be available. You can learn more about me at