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Klikaklu 2.0!

We're excited to announce that Klikaklu 2.0 is live and in the App Store!

This release is a major update, representing countless hours of effort. Much of it is subtle or beneath the surface, but we've added some great new features you've been asking for as well:

  • Optional scoring, with a running scoreboard during the hunt. You can set different points per clue, dock points for hint usage and quiz failures, and even penalize or award your players on the fly during the hunt.
  • With or without scoring, you can observe the status of players as the hunt proceeds, using auto-update.
  • Image matching is significantly improved: it's more forgiving with angles and shadows, and matches more quickly.
  • Players, anonymous or otherwise, can now use custom names for each hunt they play.
  • Hunts can now be password protected.
  • You can now ‘close’ a hunt, which prevents new players from entering, and informs straggling players to ‘return to base’.
  • Players can now use the front facing camera and control the flash for free form clues.
  • All images captured in the app are now added to a Klikaklu album in your Photos library.

As part of the update, we've switched from a single app purchase to per hunt and subscription pricing, and small hunts are now free to create. See Pricing for more details.

For our loyal Premium and Creator customers: we're crediting your account with a two year subscription to create as many noncommercial hunts with up to 30 players as you wish. And hunts you’ve created in the past are grandfathered in with an unlimited number of players and clues. For more information, see our FAQ on the transition.