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Klikaklu Updates

In response to feedback, and to cross a few items off our todo list, we've recently released a few updates to Klikaklu. Here's what we've done recently:

  • Added support for iPod Touch and iPad We were happily surprised by the interest from educators, and didn't realize just how pervasive iPod Touches and iPads have become in schools. To address this, we've enabled basic support for both device types. At this point, Klikaklu is still an iPhone app, which means it will appear in the smaller format on an iPad. This will improve in the future.
  • Stagger started treasure hunts You can now choose an additional hunt type, Staggered Treasure Hunt, that will automatically start each player on a different clue. So the first player will start with clue #1, the second, clue #2, and so on. If you have more players than clues, Klikaklu will cycle back to the first clue.

    There are situations where you don't want some clues to be eligible as a first clue. Perhaps you're doing a road rally hunt with clues spread out at multiple locations, and you don't teams to start midway through the clues at a location, or perhaps you have two clues that are close enough to one another that you don't want one team to see another. To handle this, you can exclude specific clues from the startup list.

  • Deleting HuntsYou can now delete hunts you've created. Remember that when you do so, you will also delete any hunt plays associated with them, which your players might not take kindly to. Also, your players may not see that the hunt has been deleted until after they refresh their local lists.
  • Outline matching in bright sunlight When playing a hunt in harsh sun conditions, people often had difficulty seeing the overlaid reference image they were trying to match, which made it difficult to position the camera correctly. We now generate an outline of the image's interesting borders in bright white, which should make this easier.
  • Help with Firewalls We realize some of you are working behind firewalls. Our server address for whitelists is In the event that you require an IP address, you can now view it from the Diagnostics page. server
  • Added anonymous initial users. People just wanting to try Klikaklu out weren't able to do so without signing up. While signing up doesn't require any personal information, it's still a little extra work. So now you can play as a 'Tire Kicker'. There are some restrictions - you can't, for example, create or play a public hunt without signing in. If you decide you want to sign up after trying it out, you can simply tap on the user profile section of the home screen. Your existing data will be transferred to the new account.
  • Added tips for creating good hunts. With some experience now under our belts, and feedback from you, we've written up some suggestions of how to make your hunts more enjoyable for your players, and made them available from within the app.
  • Bug Fixes, Better Error Reporting, and Minor Improvements

Stay tuned! There will be more to come!